Small Church, Big Goals: Creative Fundraising Concepts



Small churches often have grand missions but limited resources. However, with creativity and community support, even the smallest congregations can achieve their goals. In this guide, we will explore a variety of imaginative fundraising concepts tailored to small churches with big ambitions.

  1. Online Giving Portal

Establish an easy-to-use online giving portal on your church website. Encourage members to set up recurring donations and promote online giving during virtual services.

  1. Prayer Partner Fundraiser

Invite congregation members to become “prayer partners” for a small monthly donation. They commit to praying for specific church needs regularly.

  1. Storytelling Soiree

Host a storytelling evening where attendees share personal stories of faith, miracles, or community support. Charge an admission fee and offer refreshments.

  1. Community Cookbook

Compile a community cookbook filled with cherished recipes from your congregation. Sell the cookbooks both online and offline.

  1. Walkathon for a Cause

Organize a walkathon with participants gathering pledges for each mile walked. Choose a cause that aligns with your church’s mission.

  1. Service Auction

Hold a service auction where members offer their skills or services (e.g., babysitting, gardening, handyman work) to the highest bidders.

  1. Plant Sale and Gardening Workshops

Host a plant sale, complemented by gardening workshops led by members with green thumbs. Sell plants and charge for workshop participation.

  1. Virtual Talent Show

Invite your congregation to participate in a virtual talent show, showcasing their diverse talents through video submissions. Charge an entry fee for participants.

  1. Community Art Exhibition

Celebrate local artists within your congregation and community by hosting an art exhibition. Charge admission fees and offer art for sale.

  1. Trivia Night

Organize a trivia night with teams paying an entry fee. Provide snacks and beverages for additional income.

  1. Christmas Tree Lot

During the holiday season, set up a Christmas tree lot, selling freshly cut trees and wreaths to both congregation members and the wider community.

  1. Online Auction

Take your fundraising online by hosting an auction using platforms like eBay. Auction off donated items, artwork, or services.

  1. Mystery Dinner Theater

Host a mystery dinner theater event where attendees enjoy a meal while solving a fictional mystery. Charge for admission and offer prizes for correct solutions.

  1. Seasonal Bazaars

Organize seasonal bazaars, such as spring craft fairs, fall festivals, or Christmas markets. Rent vendor spaces to local artisans and sell refreshments.

  1. Caroling for a Cause

Offer caroling services during the holiday season, singing at homes, businesses, or events in exchange for donations.

  1. Cooking Classes

Provide cooking classes led by talented members, charging a fee for participation. Themes can include international cuisine, baking, or healthy cooking.

  1. Pet Blessing Event

Host a pet blessing event where pet owners can have their animals blessed in exchange for a donation.

  1. Gospel Music Concert

Feature local gospel musicians and singers in a concert. Sell tickets to raise funds and uplift spirits.

  1. Online Merchandise Sales

Design and sell custom merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, or tote bags online, with proceeds supporting your church.

  1. Virtual 5K Challenge

Host a virtual 5K race, allowing participants to run or walk their chosen route independently. Charge an entry fee and provide digital certificates.

  1. Online Fundraising Campaigns

Leverage crowdfunding platforms to create online fundraising campaigns, reaching out to friends and family.

  1. Themed Costume Parties

Organize themed costume parties for adults or children, with ticket sales and costume contests.

  1. Art Jam Session

Gather artists from your congregation and community for a day of painting or crafting. Auction off the creations at the end of the event.

  1. Jumble Sale

Host a jumble sale where people can purchase used clothing and household items.

  1. Pie in the Face Challenge

Challenge church leaders or members to take a pie in the face in exchange for donations. Film the fun and share it on social media to encourage participation.

  1. Encouragement Cards

Create and sell encouragement cards designed by members. These cards can include Bible verses, uplifting messages, or artwork.

  1. Community Photo Contest

Hold a photography contest with categories like “Best Nature Shot” or “Most Heartwarming Moment.” Charge an entry fee and display the winning entries.

  1. Worship Song Recording

Record a church choir or worship team’s performance and offer CDs or digital downloads for sale.

  1. Online Workshops

Offer online workshops led by congregation members with expertise in various subjects. Charge a fee for workshop participation.

  1. Carnival of Giving

Host a small carnival with games, food stalls, and rides. Use the proceeds to support your church’s mission.


small church fundraiser ideas can achieve big goals through creative fundraising initiatives. These ideas not only generate much-needed funds but also strengthen community bonds and inspire a sense of purpose. Remember to tailor these concepts to your church’s unique strengths and the preferences of your congregation. With dedication and ingenuity, your small church can make a significant impact on your community and continue to pursue its ambitious mission.


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